The Global Black History Honors is a celebration of Black people from around the world that have worked to improve and empower their communities.  In the United States, South America, UK and the Caribbean, Black people are stereotyped and used for our economic and political power but not recognized for our innovation, survival, ingenuity or resilience.  Africans of the Diaspora are stereotyped and used for their home countries natural resources and labor but not recognized for their innovation, survival, ingenuity or resilience.  WE have more things in common but have been systematically separated for generations from our brothers and sisters.

Therefore, the Global Black History Honors was created to celebrate OUR economic power, political power, innovation, survival, ingenuity, resilience, natural resources and labor during the most celebrated month for Black History in the United States which is February during Black History Month.

Created during the final week of black history month, for the last of the ethnic groups, that need to come together as a collective to create a better future FOR US, BY US AND FROM US. This annual event will be a culmination of the beginning of breaking the stereotypes amoungst OURSELVES and bridging the gap between Black people around the world by celebrating each other.

In the 21st century our black youth are further from understanding the value of the efforts of our forefathers. We must innovate our teaching methods in a 21st century way by doing something different that can reach our future leaders to continue the legacy of those from the past.  We will accomplish this by having our leaders from the past encouraging the Next Generation to “Globalize the Next Generation” for the leaders of the future.

Global Black History Honors invites you to join us in the celebration of the past, present and future of black people around the world FOR US, BY US AND FROM US!